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Canary Islands, Mexico, Morocco, Scotland, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Bali, USA, Canada, Turkey, Mauritius, Ecuador, Hawaii, Ireland, France

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German (native), English (good), Spanish (good)

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Solutions for product presentations, press events, test events, consumer entertainment, photo & video production, trade shows and catalogue & travel story copywriting.

We put our heart and soul into our work – as well as 20 years of combined experience throughout the world.

SK · Y

sk|ill & st|y|le ‹dt.› Können & Stil seltener Fertigkeit & Form

‹i.e.› ‹engl.› [broadening horizons through skill and style – like a pilot]

‹bed.› ‹dt.› [Erweiterung des Horizonts als Steuermann durch Können und Stil]



‹i.e.› ‹engl.› [someone to guide you safely through life]

‹bed.› ‹dt.› [Eine Person die sicher durchs Leben steuert]

I am a passionate Mountain biker and am fortunate enough to have worked with several companies in the content marketing sector that share the same vision for the sport that I do. I travel around the world as part of my job, bringing back fantastic tales of adventure through photos and videos.


I took up carpentry as my profession, which led to Interior Design where I discovered my fascination with graphic design. If you are passionate about what you do in life, then you'll find success in those pursuits.


When I was younger I spent more evenings working on old cars than I did in nightclubs and by day I'd always be out in the fresh air. In my search for adventure I travel a lot in my old cars, mostly in my Land Rover Defender.

Winters in the Canary Islands and summers in and around Europe. That´s how I’ve divided my time since 2000, when I completed my education in communications electronics engineering to embark on a career in mountain biking.

I got into the MTB scene nearly 10 years earlier with CC and DH racing - but  enjoying the environment and riding style were more important to me than speed.

So, I was lucky to meet the right people and change career direction, becoming an influencer and guide/ instructor and modelling for travel stories and product shoots, or gear testing for the media and the industry.

Over the years I built up a wealth of experience and knowledge around various aspects of mountain biking consumer needs to the  high-end wishes of the biggest brands in the world of mountain biking.

So, for me, enjoying nature and riding well was the key to living my dream. Guided by the conviction that there is always a solution to a problem I’m never disappointed.






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content marketing

graphic design

locations advice

events & launches

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Creating stand-out brand images, videos, travel stories and short clips. Arranging catalogue shoots, video production and adventure trips.

Working closely with an international network of print and online magazines, to publish content worldwide.

Creating and distributing meaningful, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain audiences. Sharing experiences and conveying the brand message.

Corporate identity.

Designing catalogues, flyers, advertisements, stands for trade fairs and logos.

Weather, landscape, infrastructure and accessibility at locations throughout the world.

Organizing test events & product launches, location scouting, sourcing guides and models for events and photo & video productions.

Communications Electronic Engineer,

Student of life


Rock Shox product lounge La Palma

Organizing accommodation, customs paperwork, transport, shuttles and arranging photo coverageg, bike guides, test loops, an epic ride, snacks, food and a media party at the Rock Shox Product Lounge on La Palma, Canary Islands.

Location scout & model for Nikon

Organizing a shoot to promote the new Nikon A1 camera to show off all its features by using different riding situations. As well as modelling himself, arranging accommodation, food, locations, transportg and rent payed by the tourism office for the whole production team on La Palma, Canary Islands.

Maloja catalogue production

Organizing and realizing the shoot for the Maloja Moonriders catalogue on La Palma Island.

Accommodation, food, locations, modelling with and for the whole team. It was a one-week production covering lifestyle, cross-country biking, road cycling, free riding, running, swimming, culture and nature.

Guiding & How toe, South Tirol

Camps for guides on how to lead mountain bike trips for the Bike Hotels in South Tirol.

And how to plan and structure a special mountain bike trail. What to watch out for and what to expect in the future. Sharing knowledge from 20 years in the bike scene.

Biketour Network, Lichtenfels

Organizing and realizing an official TrailNet in a German city.

Planning and GPS recording of the tracks, snack stops, ebike charging sites, restaurants, service stations, outlook points and sightseeing highlights. Undertaking the graphic design and layout of the maps and online info, right up to the printed version.

Copywriting for various magazines

Writing of adventure stories during about our travels for magazines and brands to share impressions.

Product testing and development

We carry out product tests for our sponsors or write impartial reviews for magazines. The feedback is from a rider’s perspective, with a trade background and mlongstanding experience.

Trips for clients

Organizing  adventure trips for clients to destinations like the Canary Islands, South Tirol, Austria, France, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, …

All accommodation, food, transport, shuttles, guiding, lifestyle included.

BMW commercial production

Model and influencer during a BMW Commercial Clip in France.

EVOC Travel Story Mexico

Travel stories with content for social media and print, with images and product videos, gallery shots, magazine covers and travel reports.

Recommended destinations with awesome landscapes, easy locations access, transport logistics, competent ground staff, appropriate accommodation: South Tirol, Canary Islands, Spain, Morocco…

“How to” Videos

Organisation and realization of tutorial videos: How to fix your bike, how to ride your bike, how to set up your bike…


Our projects about travel, cars, road trips, workshops, bikes and motorbikes...

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